Experimenting with Gaussian Splatting & Convergent Content Program

Before yesterday’s event at M-SParc, where they announced the Convergent Content Program. A project in partnership with Tramshed Tech which is a pan-Wales program that aims to bring creative and tech companies together to merge their ideas and create innovative products or solutions. Prior to the event our Head of motion decided to experiment with […]

Automation from Google Docs to Create Multiple Social Assets

At Creadigol Design, we believe in pushing creative boundaries not just within the design studio but also beyond, into unexpected arenas. Did you know that our Managing Director and Head of Motion, Dan Parry, is not only Obsessed about branding and motion but also a passionate MMA fanatic? Over the past twelve months, he has […]

Is project avalanche going to change the landscape of motion design?

When I heard about Project Avalanche, I was instantly intrigued! Here was the promise of unlocking the potential for breathtaking motion design right within the powerhouse that is Unreal Engine 5. It combines the best features of AE and Cinema 4D, but takes it to a whole new level with its cutting-edge real-time graphics capabilities. […]

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