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The brief

Creadigol was approached by producer Mike Williams to create titles, program graphics, and compositing for seasons 1 & 2 of “Pen Petrol” (Petrol Head). The program follows the car group Unit THRTN as they explore different aspects of the car world.

Pen petrol creative design project (black and white)

Program Titles

When brainstorming titles for the first season, we explored how the text in the titles could align with the full-screen location markers featured in the show. To achieve this, we implemented kinetic type animation, allowing the title to transition from a full-screen display to landing on the title card.  

For the second season, we decided to completely revamp the style, deviating from the previous approach. While we retained the short and snappy Title Sting, we drew inspiration from Japanese street racing culture. Instead of adhering strictly to a black and white colour scheme with a touch of green, we opted for vibrant and striking colours that perfectly complemented the text. This bold new direction injected a fresh and energetic vibe into the title sequence, captivating the audience with its visually stimulating visuals.

Character Intro

To introduce the main characters from Unit THRTN, Mike Williams, the producer, made a creative decision to incorporate a pre-title/intro section. The aim was to effectively introduce the four main characters. After exploring various options, we ultimately settled on camera tracking the text into the scenes they were in.

"Creadigol Design were exactly what we needed - they were confident and adventurous in their creativity and worked quickly and collaboratively. The job was to design a bold package of graphics for our television series that could add real personality and flavour to the show. We wanted to establish a look that matched the energy of the cast and their stories. They nailed it. "

Michael Kendrick Williams | Producer and Director

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Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help
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