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The brief

We were delighted when Rondo Media approached our design studio to revamp the branding for their beloved television programme, Rownd a Rownd. With a rich history spanning back to the early 90s, this show has become a cherished staple among Rondo Media viewers. 
We aimed to create a sleek and contemporary look while paying homage to its enduring legacy. Our task was to craft a brand that resonated with both the younger and older generations of viewers, encapsulating the essence of the past while embracing the future.
Our redesign encompassed various elements, including the show’s name, colour palette, opening title sequence graphics, and social media icons and assets.

To propel the brand into the future, we began by immersing ourselves in the show’s history. Delving into its archives, we unearthed the original logo from its 1995 debut. We drew inspiration from those nostalgic shapes, infusing them with a modern twist. Our aim was to create a design that exuded freshness, fluidity, and clarity, adaptable to all platforms.

By transforming the show’s title into the acronym RaR, the new logo became more concise and impactful than ever before. Ingeniously incorporating negative space to form subtle arrowheads within the letterforms, we achieved a sense of dynamic motion that mirrored the show’s essence.

To infuse a sense of energy and movement into the logo, we opted for a streamlined design that immediately caught the eye. It struck a balance between being bold and recognizable, while also evoking a sense of familiarity. Building upon this foundation, we incorporated arcing, semi-circular shapes that lent themselves naturally to motion.

We also recognized the importance of adapting to the digital landscape, where social media plays a significant role. To ensure a cohesive and versatile brand presence, we developed a collection of social media assets that were designed with adaptability in mind. These assets seamlessly integrated with various contexts while retaining their dynamic qualities, effectively capturing the attention of digital audiences.

"Creadigol Design proved to be invaluable partners as we undertook the challenging endeavor of rebranding our beloved and long-standing television series, Rownd a Rownd. With their deep understanding of the industry, audience, and cultural nuances, as well as their expertise in contemporary design, they guided us towards a rebrand that has exceeded all expectations. Our goal was to captivate a diverse audience while preserving the loyalty of our existing fanbase, and Creadigol Design delivered an exceptional solution that has yielded tremendous success."

Alaw Llewelyn Roberts | Operational Producer

Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help
Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help Looking to collaborate Get in touch and see how we can help

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